GetSmokeLessNow - Get Smokeless Now ripped me off $100.00

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This company sold me a free trial of their product (E-Cigs) with no intention of it being free.When I recieved the E-Cigs I immediately found their name on the product and tried to contact them by phone and e-mail but some how their site kept kicking me offline.

I finally was able to E-mail them and told them to cancel my free trial and to give me an address to return their product. I checked my account not an hour after I e-mailed them. They had debited my acct.

for $100.00 dollars.THIEVES.

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This is one of the biggest rip off scams I have seen in awhile. They start you with a starter kit for 1.95 or 9.99 depending on what site you land on that they are attached to, and trust me, there are several. The terms and conditions are tiny and long...Be sure to read all of it, as it will let you know that in 14 days you will be billed on your credit card 99.00 for the cigarette, which is a joke, since it doesn't have enough power to vape well, and runs down in no time flat...also they will be billing you 59.99 automatically every month for refill cartdridges...I sent mine back, its *** of a product, and their techniques for selling this product are shady at best...Go to DinoDirect and get the 5 volt cig kit for 36 dollars and change, and get the e liquid from, and refill your own cartdridges...We had to cancel our Debit card and have a new one issued to get them off our backs...remember:, and stay as far from them as you can...There are alot of reputable companies

out there that sell quality products, and don't put you on some automatic subscription, and state the price of the product up front.

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I received Sensatia just fine.Paid the $1.95.

forgot about returning the product. I lost the electronic stub and have not used but 1 canister. Now they have charged me the $99.00.

of which I have not paid.Have had the bill for bout 6 awaiting 2 b put on credit report.



I just got scammed from them also.I never even received the kit from the post office and was charged $59.95 They lied and said the package was opened and used.

That would be kind of hard when I never got it.

Has anyone considered a class action suit?I know I would be willing.


They got me too.Blew past my credit limit when the surprise 99.00 was taken out.

No customer service "available" and now have been in a battle since October.Don't know how long it will take to get this straightened out.


I got ripped off too!!!I bought this for my husband.

found a better brand. Have tried to cancel, but cannot get through on the telephone. you cannot get an e-mail to them through the "getsmokelessnow" site. I went to the bank and changed my account and my debt card.

The bank is taking action. I had the 9.95 trial pak.

They then charged 99.95 and two additional charges of 39.95 before I could get the changes made.I am going to the television stations in Sacramento if I do not get my money back, or maybe I'll just do it anyway to save more people from getting ripped off.


I've had the same problem with them. Had them blocked at my bank, but was told they can use a different name and keep charging. We'll see.


I am having the same problem w/ this company. I'm sending the refill filters back & I cancelled my credit card. Thank you to who ever posted this site!


You somehow got my credit card number and keep sending refill kits....I DO NOT SMOKE so Please quit sending me your product. If this happens again I will change my credit card number

#207808 has a new scam going now under a new web site same scam new name read the terms and conditions carefully to see how you will be ripped off.


fell for scam i am also going to report to attorney general i am so so upset stay far away from esmokless inc and get smokless now 18777319991 voicemail is still unavailable


the e-mail site under terms and conditions to receive a returned items # doesn't get a response either.


Ya it's terrible.The lady you can never get her one the phone.

order mos. late. just got my order product isn't even the same name as company. Cig goes out within a few puffs it's unbelievable.

Yesterday I got my cartriges because you have to go through the trial period and these came very late they were not sealed had lint in them stunk bad like cigarrette smoke, filthy. Now I am going to call her and I Know I will not be able to get a hold of her. I tried before and took me over a week. These new buds you are from another co.

you can barely get them on the end of the cig.

she is getting them cheap somewhere to save money this company are the crookes and they are mean to deal with.And watch out they lie and will twist your words.


In answer to your question.My boyfriend found this site and was taken in..He even went back the following week and ordered another one !!

I on the other hand thought the deal was too good to be true..I investigated the site, and READ EVERYTHING,.When I realized what was going on, tried to call them, no customer service..Received the e cigs, realized they were complete ***, again could not get ahold of customer before they could bill, I just closed up the packs they came in and put return to sender on them. I wasn't even willing to pay return shipping I was so angry. I was able to get his card cancelled and issued a new one before they could bill. Note: After this experience I felt it my responsibility to warn my fellow smokers and vapors about this scam.

If I have helped one person, I will feel better about the ordeal. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. READ EVERYTHING BEFORE.

lOOK FOR THE SMALL PRINT..I wish my boyfriend had, but there are many of us who have been taken.Please post a comment if you have one, lets let everyone know the hazards of GETSMOKELESSNOW.COM


Boy, how *** do I feel. I wish I had this information before I order. I checked my debit card statement this morning and have a charge for $99.95. Called the card company, filed a dispute (for what that's worth), cancelled the card and had another one issues. Called to complain the the company......"voice mail is not available".

I'll start filing complaints with the Attorney General and BBB tomorrow.

By the way, thanks for the information, I would be really stuck without you people.


unfortunately i fell for the same scam...and I too am calling the attorney general.just how did you return it when they didn't answer the phone?

the terms say you have to have return number to return it.did you just simply send it back, and not get charged the 99?


Oh, how I WISH I had read this complaint sooner!I fell for Getsmkokelessnow's offer, and fell hard!

So far, my "9,95" charge has built to $140.00, and I received refills today in the mail...I don't even know how much they will cost me; I am returning them. I vaguely remember some pamphlet I got a couple of weeks ago. On my credit card statement, there it is--$39.95!

Am contacting our Attorney General, have blocked all payments to the company, but am probably stuck with the charges so far.

The company lists a phone number, but do they answer?No-o-o-o-o!

The whole mess has me so upset...I need a cigarette!

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